December 1, 2020


Fragrant Art Exhibition Emotions in Tokyo produced by BÉLAIRLAB - limited time only!

To celebrate the launch of BÉLAIR LAB’s original Room Fragrance Spray and Indoor Aromatic Oil, we will be holding a limited-time-only pop-up event at OMOTESANDO 441 (Yong-Yong-Ichi) over two days: Friday 18 and Saturday 19 December 2020. The fragrant art exhibition Emotions that became the talk of the art scenes of Berlin and New York, which is the activity base of BÉLAIR LAB’s Chief Perfumer, Christophe Laudamiel, is coming to Omotesando! This pop-up exhibition is a collaboration combining Christophe’s fragrances with the works of artists who are active in Tokyo. Enjoy the five-senses experience that only this event can provide!

Furthermore, besides giving exhibition visitors the opportunity to be among the first to experience all 13 fragrances at the event, on December 1, 2020, we are launching a DISCOVERY SET for online purchase only. We urge you to take this special opportunity to experience and enjoy fragrance as an art form.

As a precaution against spreading of the COVID-19 coronavirus, the exhibition is to be held on a small scale with advance ticket reservations required. Also, please note that, due to the limited space available in the exhibition venue, it may not be possible for you to reserve seats for the date of your choice.

When you come to the exhibition venue, please be sure to wear a mask and cooperate with hand-sanitizing and temperature-screening procedures.

Fragrant Art Exhibition Emotions in Tokyo produced by BÉLAIRLAB

Event Name
Fragrance Art Exhibition Emotions in Tokyo produced by BÉLAIRLAB
December 18 (Fri.) and 19 (Sat.), 2020
Opening Hours
11:00 – 20:00 (both days)
1F OMOTESANDO 441 (Mahal Omotesando Bldg.), 5-12-1 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo
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Ticket Reservation
Participating Artists
Perfumer: Christophe Laudamiel / Artist: Saki Tanaka / Visual Artist: Atsushi Harata / Florist: Hideyuki Miyanaga / Art Director: Chie Norieda

Profiles of Participating Artists

Christophe Laudamiel
Perfumer: Christophe Laudamiel

Among the world’s several hundred perfumers, Christophe Laudamiel is lauded as “an inventor of perfumes”. In addition to creating fragrances for some of the world’s most famous brands—including Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter—he has crafted numerous fine scents for fragrant spaces in five-star hotels and renowned apparel boutiques.

Having also founded the innovative “DreamAir” perfume studio, Christophe was involved in a diverse range of creative activities including cosmetics, spatial presentation, and academic research. He was also in charge of perfume blending for the “scent opera” presented by the Guggenheim Museums as well as the film Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. In 2018, he created an original fragrance for Tokyo Tower.

His innovative approach, combining the most exquisite fragrances with cutting-edge technology and art, truly presents Christophe at his very best. At BÉLAIR LAB, too, he is creating a variety of innovative, unconventional fragrances.

Artist: Saki Tanaka

Saki Tanaka was born in San Francisco, U.S.A., and currently resides in Tokyo, Japan. Through her Travel x Art project Stay & Work, Saki has placed works not only throughout Japan but also overseas. Due to the continuous influence of traditional Japanese calligraphy on her art since childhood, the theme of her works is the “breathing and rhythm” of lines and blank spaces. She has also been broadening the scope of her artistic activities, creating wall murals and working in collaboration with business enterprises.

Instagram: sakitanaka0119

Atsushi Harata
Atsushi Harata
Visual Artist: Atsushi Harata

Using mainly overhead projectors (OHP), Atsushi Harata spontaneously combines various materials—liquids, solids, living organisms, etc.—to dynamically generate images of light and color featuring multiple layers of sound, emotions, and air that are invisible to the naked eye.

His works include key visuals for Pioneer DJ “TORAIZ” and the PR video for FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ’20, as well as imagery for countless music videos for such artists as Ko Shibasaki, Leo Ieiri, Keisuke Yamauchi, Suchmos, DAOKO, Soul Flower Union, Boku no Lyric no Boyomi, yahyel, Kyosuke Minowa, BIGMAMA, and TUKICO a.k.a Hoshiko Yamane (Tangerine Dream). He has also performed at or produced imagery for music performances across a broad range of genres (such as RED WARRIORS and Maison book girl), festivals, corporate events, and various other events.

Hideyuki Miyanaga
Florist: Hideyuki Miyanaga

Creator of floral arrangements for the nuptial events of numerous celebrities, Hideyuki Miyanaga has produced the floral decorations for more than 2,000 weddings, both in Japan and overseas. He acts as a consultant for wedding venues and florists in Japan, providing event demonstrations and lessons.

Chie Norieda
Art Director: Chie Norieda

Art director, dancer, choreographer, director, Leader of the Baliasi dance troupe

In her art director role, Chie Norieda provides artistic direction for PR videos, corporate human resources training presentations incorporating sensitivity exercises, and artistic direction for educational program events for elementary schools. In addition, she works in cooperation with the Kansei Projects Committee, which studies the five senses, while remaining actively involved in initiatives aimed at expressing fragrance, design, sound, and other sensory elements as art.

As a dancer, Chie was involved in the Izanami Project, which was organized to perform at the official opening ceremony for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018, was a guest dancer in the official performance held to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Japan-Indonesia diplomatic relations, and danced at the Hananoiwaya Shrine and Kumano Hongu Taisha Grand Shrine on July 7, 2019, as part of performances celebrating the 15th anniversary of the registration of Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Her dancing has won high acclaim in the United States, Europe, Asia, and throughout Japan.